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For all WordPress lovers, website speed optimization is the main struggle. Everyone knows how important it is for the website to load fast and give users a great experience navigating, shopping or using your website. Not to mention the impact speed has on SEO. In this article, we will share with you some tips from our experience to help you make the right decisions in the first place.

1. Choose the host wisely

Hosting is key to the performance of your website. Even if your website is fully optimized, if your host lacks in resources needed, it will be very hard to have desired loading speed. How can you find the right host for you? We would suggest going with popular hosts like Kinsta, Siteground or WP-engine. All these hosts are optimized for WordPress and include other facilities like daily backups, staging environment etc.

2. Choose the right theme

If your solution will be to go with a ready theme, research the theme you will go with. Check online for the reviews. Ensure the theme you are going with is well tested and the developers do periodic updates to the theme. If a ready theme is not the right solution for you because of your business need for a very custom website, do good research about the development company you will hire. It’s important to develop a light theme, easy to maintain and update. 

3. Avoid using pluign

Everyone loves plugins. You can find plugins for everything making things easy for you. But the impact of the plugins on website speed is crucial. And in some cases, plugins may not be compatible with the theme or with other plugins you are using, and your website will end up struggling to load or even crushing sometimes. So use plugins only when it’s a must. Check for reviews and compatibility of the plugins you will use. 

4. Optimize images

Upload images in proper size. If you will upload an image for a small banner, make sure you resize the image before uploading it to the web. 

5. Use optimization plugin

Depending on the host you are using, you will need to use an optimization plugin. Siteground has some good tools in its optimization plugin. Wp Rocket is also a very good-rated optimization plugin. Be careful not to use more than one optimization plugin and to set up settings properly. 

6. Keep your website up to date

Make sure you keep your theme and plugins up to date. The impact is not only in speed but also for security reasons. Invest in website maintenance.

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