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About Gulfissimo

Gulfissimo is an online store, representing high-quality sportswear brands worldwide. The main goal of Gulfissimo is to offer the best experience in online shopping to its customers, and of course, having the best and user-friendly website with the latest features that an online shop must-have.

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The challenge for Gulfissimo’s e-commerce website was to create a seamless and responsive online shopping experience for customers. The site was facing issues with bugs and poor functionality, causing frustration for users and impacting sales. Our team of developers worked to identify and fix the bugs, ensuring smooth navigation and a stable checkout process. Additionally, we implemented a mobile-first approach to make the website fully responsive, allowing customers to easily shop on any device.

Our Web Development Canada team enhanced the site’s functionality by adding new features such as product filtering and a customizable shopping cart. As a result of these changes, Gulfissimo saw an increase in customer engagement and a boost in online sales. The website now provides a reliable, user-friendly platform for customers to purchase premium sportswear from anywhere in the world.


To address these challenges, we first conducted a thorough audit of the website to identify all issues and areas for improvement. We then implemented a custom product page, custom checkout, and custom theme development to not only fix the issues but also improve the overall design and aesthetic of the site.

We also focused on making the site fully responsive, ensuring optimal viewing on all devices. We also implemented SEO best practices and performed speed optimization to improve the website’s search engine ranking and loading speed.

As a result of our efforts, Gulfissimo saw a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and website traffic. The custom design and development elements added a unique and professional touch to their online store, and the resolution of technical issues greatly improved the user experience.


Not every development company could’ve developed a site as secure as the one Wise4dev developed. They’re constantly optimizing our site speed and improving our web security. Also, their team works quickly and is always on the ball — Wise4dev can handle any situation that arises.

Jana Moravcikova

Founder & CEO, Guflissimo

Tel. +1 (343) 989 2865